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Speculative Design and Participatory Design

Students from my 2013 Networked Cities Workshop at the Institute of Design used speculative design and participatory design to investigate the topic of cultured meat.

Digital Fabrication and Hybrid Materialities

Digital Fabrication and Hybrid Materialities Culture Digitally, December 13, 2013 On a recent visit to Out of Hand: Materializing the Postdigital, an exhibition about digital fabrication at New York’s Museum of Art and Design, I was struck by the ways in... Continue Reading →

Review of Ligna’s ‘The First International of Shopping Malls’ (Cork, Ireland)

Review Furtherfield, November 12, 2013 Murakami’s novel After Dark (2007) which refers to both the mobile phone as well as the retail environment of the 7-Eleven seems a fitting place to begin a review of a new media art project that uses... Continue Reading →

Ethnography as Time Travel

Ethnographies from the Future: What can ethnographers learn from science fiction and speculative design? Ethnography Matters, September 2013 In the recent science fiction film Elysium, by South-African-Canadian director Neill Blomkamp and Matt Damon, the world has descended into a dystopia... Continue Reading →

What is Service Design?

What is Service Design? From finance to healthcare to media, New York’s economy is primarily driven by services. Yet our understanding of what design offers is rooted in products and places rather than how those things operate or how people... Continue Reading →

Amplify: Creative and Sustainable Lifestyles on the Lower East Side

Amplify: Creative and Sustainable Lifestyles on the Lower East Side Are we growing more than plants? This question — blown up in large pink letters on a white wall in a small gallery on the Lower East Side — frames... Continue Reading →

Service Design Futures

Service Design Futures What does theater have to do with service design? This question was addressed in a presentation, “Dramaturgy of Services,” by Roman Aebersold, a designer from Lucerne School of Art and Design in Switzerland, who has been a... Continue Reading →

Design and Politics on the Lower East Side

Design and Politics on the Lower East Side Is design depoliticizing? Can design politicize? Will it enable the emergence of a new kind of politics? These are some of the many questions—both theoretical and practical--raised during the first workshop of... Continue Reading →

WiFi Geographies: When Code Meets Place

WiFi Geographies: When Code Meets Place Over the past decade, since the Internet’s mainstream adoption in 1995, scholars have used a plethora of spatial metaphors to describe the spaces and places of digital information. However, in the current moment, a... Continue Reading →

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