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Smart City Imaginaries

I gave a talk at the Digital Life Initiative at Cornell Tech on Nov. 1. Illustration credit: Gary Zamchick.

Sociotechnical Systems of Care

I'm co-organizing a CSCW workshop on "Sociotechnical Systems of Care" with Austin Toombs, Laura Devendorf, Patrick Shih, Liz Kaziunas, David Nemer and Helena Mentis.

Design Research Failures

My contribution to Design Research Failures by Søren Rosenbak: Design Research has failed to re-design itself.

Invisible Algorithms, Invisible Politics

I have a new review on Public Books. Featured image: Martin Nadal, Bitcoin Traces (2017). Source: Ars Electronica / Flickr

2017 Tech & Design Issue

The Driverless City mind map featured in The New York Times Magazine's 2017 Tech and Design issue in "Picturing the Self-Driving City" by Anna Weiner.

Design and The Driverless City

I'm presenting The Driverless City project in an interactive session at the Institute of Design on January 25.

R3pair Volume

I have an essay, "Maintaining, Repairing and Caring for the Multiple Subject," in the R3pair Volume of Continent.

Made in Chicago

I'm leading a new project on local manufacturing in partnership with Milan Polytechnic, which compares the cities of Chicago and Milan.

Smart Textiles

I joined the Brooklyn Fashion and Design Accelerator's TEK-TILES project in Summer 2017 as the team's ethnographer and wrote this short piece. I also led a bi-weekly conversation on ethics, politics and design, which took on topics including seamful design, sustainability,... Continue Reading →

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